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2012 Presidential election April 10, 2012

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Like many of you I have been watching the Republican primaries with a great deal of interest. Of course that interest ranges from horrified to baffled to resigned, but most of all I am just afraid that one of these bozos might actually be able to beat Obama in the general election because people are tired of the economy not bouncing back to the levels it was at prior to the recession. We ARE recovering, make no mistake about that, but it is going to take a very long time to get back to where we were earlier this decade and a good many people like to make a sport of blaming President Obama for unemployment, gas prices, and the general doldrums we find ourselves in.

The choices among the Republican runners are pretty simple, but all are not good. We have Romney who seems to think that the American economy is like a   big business he can run by firing a few folks, cutting some programs, privatizing a few things, and generally acting like a CEO. Of course a large (well, HUGE) economy doesn’t actually work this way as one has to contend with the American people, various special interests, and Congress. I think Romney is very likely the most liberal conservative candidate out there, but he’s still pretty darn scary.

Santorum. Huh, where to start? This guy scares me and irritates me in the way that ALL politicians who wear their religion on their sleeves do. They seem to think that God is the answer to which I can only ask: which God? RC, Baptist, Fundie, etc… Or Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc… There are so many belief systems in the world and all are represented in America so it’s not as simple as saying God should be in charge and all will be well. Of course Santorum is talking about the Christian God, but there are also many, many different versions of that one, so again, it’s not so simple. People like him seem to want to make America into some half-assed theocracy and make sure that we roll women’s rights, gay rights (what few they really have), and other religions rights back a couple of hundred years and then completely out of sight so we can all just concentrate on praying our country back to prosperity…the peace part be damned.

All I can say for sure is that I have gotten to the point of reading the news with my fingers crossed and my nose held all while hoping that nothing TOO bad has happened to the world overnight. The way the world is going right now we are going to be in yet another shooting war pretty soon, either in Iran over their nukes or in North Korea over their nukes. No matter how I look at it, I don’t like the world we are leaving for my kids and grandkids; even if global warming  doesn’t doom our species something surely will and the people who have caused it won’t be around to pick up the pieces.




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