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Gay Marriage Amendment in North Carolina April 12, 2012

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The Republican controlled NC State Legislature has, in their infinite wisdom, decided that the most important business for them to take care of this year is an amendment to the State Constitution defining marriage as being between one man and one woman, thereby making sure those sneaky gays can’t get married in North Carolina, nor will NC recognize any gay marriage performed in another state where it is legal. Obviously this is FAR more important than anything else this state is facing, including high unemployment, the state budget deficit, problems with our infrastructure such as roads that need fixing, etc…
I simply don’t understand why gay marriage is so high on the priority lists of so many right wingers. Does it really hurt them? Endanger straight marriage? Hurt anyone else in any way? If so I have yet to see how it can possibly so any of these things as I have known many, many gay people in my life and have called many of them my friends. None of them has had the slightest interest in damaging anyone else’s marriage or causing widespread public calamity of any kind, they simply want the same rights that the rest of us enjoy. They are not even demanding access to church weddings; if a church doesn’t want to allow them to wed then they will go elsewhere to be married, after all it’s not like church is the only place that marriages can take place…my wife and I were married by a Justice of the Peace and we are just as legally married as the folks who have big church weddings. We’ve been married a lot longer than many of our friends who DID have the big church wedding.
I would think that the answer to this would be simple, if you don’t agree with gay marriage then just ignore it! I don’t pay attention to every wedding I see and, frankly, I wouldn’t even notice if homosexuals were allowed to marry in this state. It would just be another wedding and wedding announcement in the paper to me. Why on Earth should anyone, aside from the people affected of course, even notice or care about who marries who? As long as we are talking about two people (or more, but that’s for another day) who are adults and in love with each other then there should be no reason to prevent them from getting married to each other. All things being equal I fail to see how this affects any other person, any other marriage, any one else’s lives. Let’s move into the 21st Century folks and get OUT of people’s lives and bedrooms.



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