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Odds and Ends or Odd Ends, whichever April 19, 2012

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      Where to start? We have an ongoing battle in NC about Amendment One, the attempt by the GOP to have a definition of marriage written into the North Carolina state Constitution. I say **a** definition because it seems as though the only one that counts in the “one man one woman” garbage that many right-wing Christians would like to see as the only type of marriage allowed. That’s right folks, even though gay marriage is ALREADY illegal in NC we apparently also need to have this pervasive form of discrimination added to the state constitution. Many of us who live here, including a lot of Christian pastors, are fighting against the passage of this hugely discriminatory amendment. 

      We also have Ted Nugent deciding that there has not been enough inflammatory bullshit tossed out in this Presidential election. Somehow I don’t think people need to be told that the President and his Cabinet are “a bunch of criminals” and how Nugent will be ‘in jail’ this time next year if Obama is re-elected. I actually remember a time when people could rationally discuss politics, now you take your like into your hands if you mention politics or religion in the wrong group. We, as Americans, need to demand civility in our public discourse because if we don’t we are going to find that we can’t elect anyone decent to office as they will be too afraid to run. We will find ourselves unable to solve our state and national problems because we won’t be able to talk about them. Ask your politicians to call for civility and cool heads during campaigns and in Congress. Demand it of friends and neighbors. If we don’t we are in more trouble as a nation than we even realize.



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