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Was Jesus Gay? Article from AlterNet April 24, 2012

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Here is the link to the AlterNet story: http://www.alternet.org/belief/155118/was_jesus_gay_probably?akid=8637.1082015.aRRumn&rd=1&t=6#disqus_thread

This is an article written by a man named Paul Oestreicher, an Anglican priest who actually makes a pretty good case that Jesus was was likely gay. Given my standing on Christianity, meaning I was baptized Episcopalian but have since fallen far by the wayside, this article appeals to me from the standpoint that so many people in NC are arguing for passage of the “one man one woman” marriage amendment due to their belief that Christianity sees homosexuality as an abomination. I don’t buy into that, just as I don’t buy into the teaching that if you don’t believe in god or JC then you are bound for Hell. It would seem to me that it would take an awfully cruel god to condemn you just because you didn’t believe in something that there is no evidence for. Wouldn’t it? Or am I missing something?

Anyway, my argument for not banning gay marriage is the same as it always has been. In the first place, as long as we are talking about two consenting adults, who are not related of course and that is really only about the genetic problems that can occur from such a union, the government really has no business interfering. There were arguments galore against inter-racial marriage and many of those arguments came form the same type of bible thumpers who are now arguing against gay marriage, and for many of the same reasons. It’s immoral, there’ll be health problems, it’s unnatural…and on and on and on. Finally the USSC looked at all of those arguments, called bullshit, and ta-dum, blacks and whites could marry. In the 50 years since the world has not come to an end, nor would it do so if we allowed gay marriage. In the second place, religion has NO PLACE in our laws or in our Constitution state, federal, or any. We have a separation of church and state for a reason and if those people are allowed to start making laws and re-writing Constitutions to include all of their petty little prejudices then we are in real trouble as a country. One thing they need to do if they wish to get involved is to start paying taxes on all church land and property. The next thing is…which religion do we allow to write laws? The Christians are some of the first to scream about Sharia law whenever it is brought up anywhere outside of the Muslim theocracies. So do we only allow the allow the Christians to write laws? Add the Jews? Anyone else? Because any religion you do not give voice to is very likely to take you to court and we can’t have that as we’d spend all of our time and money in court defending those laws. Absurd, right?

We need to stop this nonsense of allowing religions of any kind into our legal and political system. It pretty much started during the Reagan years with the Moral Majority who were actually anything but. The GOP latched onto the right wing religious people and forgot what they used to stand for, including smaller government and keeping it out of people’s lives. We need to move back to the days when the church people stayed in their churches and our laws making process actually made sense. What are we doing as a state and as a country? It’s a slippery slope when we start writing laws and Constitutional amendments to deny people rights and freedoms that they should have. Who’s next? Because after the religious have finished with the gay folks they will look for another target. I guess we can all hope it’s not us.


Odds and Ends or Odd Ends, whichever April 19, 2012

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      Where to start? We have an ongoing battle in NC about Amendment One, the attempt by the GOP to have a definition of marriage written into the North Carolina state Constitution. I say **a** definition because it seems as though the only one that counts in the “one man one woman” garbage that many right-wing Christians would like to see as the only type of marriage allowed. That’s right folks, even though gay marriage is ALREADY illegal in NC we apparently also need to have this pervasive form of discrimination added to the state constitution. Many of us who live here, including a lot of Christian pastors, are fighting against the passage of this hugely discriminatory amendment. 

      We also have Ted Nugent deciding that there has not been enough inflammatory bullshit tossed out in this Presidential election. Somehow I don’t think people need to be told that the President and his Cabinet are “a bunch of criminals” and how Nugent will be ‘in jail’ this time next year if Obama is re-elected. I actually remember a time when people could rationally discuss politics, now you take your like into your hands if you mention politics or religion in the wrong group. We, as Americans, need to demand civility in our public discourse because if we don’t we are going to find that we can’t elect anyone decent to office as they will be too afraid to run. We will find ourselves unable to solve our state and national problems because we won’t be able to talk about them. Ask your politicians to call for civility and cool heads during campaigns and in Congress. Demand it of friends and neighbors. If we don’t we are in more trouble as a nation than we even realize.

Gay Marriage Amendment in North Carolina April 12, 2012

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The Republican controlled NC State Legislature has, in their infinite wisdom, decided that the most important business for them to take care of this year is an amendment to the State Constitution defining marriage as being between one man and one woman, thereby making sure those sneaky gays can’t get married in North Carolina, nor will NC recognize any gay marriage performed in another state where it is legal. Obviously this is FAR more important than anything else this state is facing, including high unemployment, the state budget deficit, problems with our infrastructure such as roads that need fixing, etc…
I simply don’t understand why gay marriage is so high on the priority lists of so many right wingers. Does it really hurt them? Endanger straight marriage? Hurt anyone else in any way? If so I have yet to see how it can possibly so any of these things as I have known many, many gay people in my life and have called many of them my friends. None of them has had the slightest interest in damaging anyone else’s marriage or causing widespread public calamity of any kind, they simply want the same rights that the rest of us enjoy. They are not even demanding access to church weddings; if a church doesn’t want to allow them to wed then they will go elsewhere to be married, after all it’s not like church is the only place that marriages can take place…my wife and I were married by a Justice of the Peace and we are just as legally married as the folks who have big church weddings. We’ve been married a lot longer than many of our friends who DID have the big church wedding.
I would think that the answer to this would be simple, if you don’t agree with gay marriage then just ignore it! I don’t pay attention to every wedding I see and, frankly, I wouldn’t even notice if homosexuals were allowed to marry in this state. It would just be another wedding and wedding announcement in the paper to me. Why on Earth should anyone, aside from the people affected of course, even notice or care about who marries who? As long as we are talking about two people (or more, but that’s for another day) who are adults and in love with each other then there should be no reason to prevent them from getting married to each other. All things being equal I fail to see how this affects any other person, any other marriage, any one else’s lives. Let’s move into the 21st Century folks and get OUT of people’s lives and bedrooms.

2012 Presidential election April 10, 2012

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Like many of you I have been watching the Republican primaries with a great deal of interest. Of course that interest ranges from horrified to baffled to resigned, but most of all I am just afraid that one of these bozos might actually be able to beat Obama in the general election because people are tired of the economy not bouncing back to the levels it was at prior to the recession. We ARE recovering, make no mistake about that, but it is going to take a very long time to get back to where we were earlier this decade and a good many people like to make a sport of blaming President Obama for unemployment, gas prices, and the general doldrums we find ourselves in.

The choices among the Republican runners are pretty simple, but all are not good. We have Romney who seems to think that the American economy is like a   big business he can run by firing a few folks, cutting some programs, privatizing a few things, and generally acting like a CEO. Of course a large (well, HUGE) economy doesn’t actually work this way as one has to contend with the American people, various special interests, and Congress. I think Romney is very likely the most liberal conservative candidate out there, but he’s still pretty darn scary.

Santorum. Huh, where to start? This guy scares me and irritates me in the way that ALL politicians who wear their religion on their sleeves do. They seem to think that God is the answer to which I can only ask: which God? RC, Baptist, Fundie, etc… Or Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, etc… There are so many belief systems in the world and all are represented in America so it’s not as simple as saying God should be in charge and all will be well. Of course Santorum is talking about the Christian God, but there are also many, many different versions of that one, so again, it’s not so simple. People like him seem to want to make America into some half-assed theocracy and make sure that we roll women’s rights, gay rights (what few they really have), and other religions rights back a couple of hundred years and then completely out of sight so we can all just concentrate on praying our country back to prosperity…the peace part be damned.

All I can say for sure is that I have gotten to the point of reading the news with my fingers crossed and my nose held all while hoping that nothing TOO bad has happened to the world overnight. The way the world is going right now we are going to be in yet another shooting war pretty soon, either in Iran over their nukes or in North Korea over their nukes. No matter how I look at it, I don’t like the world we are leaving for my kids and grandkids; even if global warming  doesn’t doom our species something surely will and the people who have caused it won’t be around to pick up the pieces.


April 1, 2012

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I just recently found this blog and it is just fantastique! I think that Emily has got great insight and is not afraid to share her opinions with the world.
Thank you for allowing me to repost this to my blog Emily and please keep up the great posts!

Emily L. Hauser - In My Head

I have been pregnant four times.

These pregnancies led to the following four results, in this order: abortion, baby, miscarriage, baby.

These pregnancies occurred over a span of many years, across two continents, and in three different homes. There were at least seven different health care professionals involved, my hair styles varied widely, as did my levels of nausea. The only constant, in all four cases, other than me, was the presence of a penis.

It happened to be the penis I eventually married, but regardless, that is how pregnancy works. No matter who you are, no matter your sexuality, ability to reproduce, or family make-up, if there are children in your life, at some point along the way, there was a penis involved.

I mention this only because it seems the GOP may have forgotten.

Because as we trundle along, shaming women for having any kind of sex, ever…

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Social media and murder in the Trayvon Martin case March 28, 2012

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Conversations From the Couch – 03/27/2012

I’m sure that all of you have seen the news reports about the shooting in Florida involving the neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman, and a black teen, Trayvon Martin. I have heard so many different versions of the story and so much different information about it that I am not even sure what I believe anymore. What is known for sure, and it’s possibly the ONLY thing we know for sure, is that Martin was on his way home from 7-11 with a packet of Skittles and a can of tea when he was seen by Zimmerman who was working as a neighborhood patrol captain. At some point Zimmerman saw Martin walking back to his house and began to follow him while calling 911; the operator told him that he did not need to follow Martin as police were being dispatched to check him out. For some reason he not only followed Martin, but he also got out of the car and confronted him. At this point the story gets pretty fuzzy; Zimmerman says that Martin attacked him and was wrestling him for his gun so when he got the chance to do so he pulled the gun and fired, which killed Martin.
I was keeping up with this story when it came out and I still do to some extent, but to be very honest with you, I am very tired of it already. This case seems to have gotten bigger than the Casey Anthony case and it’s gotten there in a hurry. Trayvon’s parents seem to be everywhere these days trying to get Zimmerman arrested and tried, never mind whether or not a crime has actually been committed, they have testified in front of a Congressional committee that is looking into racial profiling, hate crimes, and “Stand Your Ground” laws, although I am not sure why unless it’s being used for publicity by the members of the committee and the parents. They claim they are looking for justice for their son, but I’m not sure I can buy into that as it is coming across as a search for vengeance. They are trying to sell their son as an angel, but I have raised teenagers and have yet to meet one who could honestly be called an angel, to be said to be without fault. I can actually because I think if something happened to one of my kids I would be out there selling them the same way. I also think that I would not be on social media, out at a bunch of rallies, and appearing before Congress calling for justice when no one has determined that a crime has even been committed. Of course I would not be applying to trademark my son’s name and the slogans that are being used at the rallies as Trayvon’s mother has done. She says it is so his name and death are not forgotten or used for profit by someone else, but it just looks bad.
I am not trying to defend George Zimmerman in any way, but right now he is being tried in the press, social media, in the rallies, and in public opinion which is just wrong. This is NOT the way that justice in this country is supposed to work, but we’ve seen it time and again, most recently in the Casey Anthony case. People were outraged that she “got away” with murder when what had really happened was that the prosecutor did not prove the case. Now we have another instance where people will scream that someone “got away” with murder, but with the FL “Stand Your Ground” law it really looks like Zimmerman broke no laws if he was actually defending himself. Since there was no one else there besides Zimmerman and Martin, and Martin is dead, we may never know what really happened, especially since the police didn’t do any crime scene work so they have no way of showing anything of any consequence.
I sincerely hope some good comes from this case. Maybe we can learn to leave things like this alone and let the law do it’s work. Social media and the press can do good work, but they can’t do it at the expense of the truth whatever the truth may actually be.

Hello world! March 19, 2012

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Alright, first post on my new blog.

My name is Kyle Eubanks, I am 44 years old, married, and a father of three children. My wife and I have been together for 30 years and got married when I was 17 and my wife was 16…and yes, we are still together and still married. Strange in this day and age I know. My three kids are wonderful, healthy (physically AND mentally) adults; my daughter is 28 and married, my oldest son is 26 and has a great job as a copier/computer repair guy, and my youngest son is almost 21 and a chemistry major in college; his goal is to become a forensic scientist in law enforcement.

I am a news junkie. Politics, business, science, crime, I love it all although I do admit that science and crime are my favourites. I also love to comment on anything and everything which is the entire reason for this blog. I would love to hear from you, although I reserve the right to preview all first time posters and would ask that you keep your comment civil and polite.

Thank you for reading and I hope you find posts that are interesting and thought provoking!